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haven't given up on this fight just yet

you can see my recent photos here:…

thanks for any feedback

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and that's a meh kind of peace

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risin' again

Mon Apr 27, 2009, 10:50 AM
finally some fresh energy and inspiration came to me...
i have been so empty lately and now i feel like all it's comin back to me....
wish me luck and please.. leave me some comments on my recent shots, as im really tryin to quit editin and settin up my cam correctly instead of it ;)

hugz to all of you!


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Thu Oct 23, 2008, 2:55 PM

Don't hold yourself like that
you'll hurt your knees
i kissed your mouth & back
cuz that's all i need
don't build your world around
volcanoes melt you down

what i am to you is not real
what i am to you you do not need
what i am to you is not what you mean to me
you give me miles and miles of mountains
and i’ll ask for the sea

don't throw yourself like that
in front of me
i kissed your mouth your back
is that all you need?
don't drag my love around
volcanoes melt me down

what i am to you is not real
what i am to you you do not need
what i am to you is not what you mean to me

you give me miles and miles of mountains
and i’ll ask for
what i give to you
is just what i’m going through
this is nothing new
no no just another phase of finding
what i really need
is what makes me bleed
it's like a new disease
that you're still too young
to treat

volcanoes melt me down
you do not need me

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in my head

Mon Sep 29, 2008, 12:57 AM
fix you

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

High up above or down below
when you're too in love to let it go
but If you never try you'll never know
Just what your worth

Lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears streaming down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears streaming down your face and I

Tears streaming down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face and I


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Mon Sep 22, 2008, 4:47 AM
I wish....

when my dreams are broken,
the good memories sparkle like a small crocks of shattered glass from the near past,
and the hopes are slowly disappearing just like mornin' fogs over rivers in the summer.

i am walkin' along,
and not turnin back
hopin' that may let me dream much louder.

i don't ever want to play games again,
never want to listen to pitiful lies instead of truth,

i want my eyes to shine,

see thru,
dream 'loud!



Mon Jun 16, 2008, 2:13 PM
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I'm back ;)

at least untill I disappear again .)
the thing is, that I've received a subscription
and wanted to say awww 'loud cuz that's just dreamy!

my thanks and hugs to


my friends:


my photography superstars :

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my friends:


my photography superstars :

  • Listening to: Faithless - Kind of Peace
so here i am...
same but different

hope you will like.



my friends:


my photography superstars :

if you take some time
and drift in these below galleries,
you'll be sure it was worth it!

most of all submissions that i see in my devwatch
are goin to my favs and honestly i love them.
they make me smile,
they break my heart,
they take my breath away
or they simply give some pleasure to my eyes and mind.

i want to share with you.

galleries of my friends:

attention to :iconfl1ght: !
there is a flood of his wonderful works in my favs :nod:

see also the :iconcazper: gallery..
the beautiful design of his photographs will totally amaze you!

if you haven't noticed yet the :iconfoureyes: works,
be sure you'll be sorry. his photos always make me just stare at them.
wonderful colours, dream-like sceneries, unusual style - i recommend!

of course, don't forget the :icontasteofliquid: !

and have a beautiful summertime!
the below galleries?


and please, give some support to :iconfoureyes:
his gallery is totally awesome!

dont forget the :icontasteofliquid: !



:bulletred: :new: :bulletred: :new: :bulletred: :new: :bulletred: :new: :bulletred: :new: :bulletred: :new: :bulletred: :new: :bulletred: :new: :bulletred:

Isn't it amazing how many new deviations are submitted daily on dA?
That the amount of people who are interested in dA increases daily?
And the fact that so many artists have found a platform to dicuss and present their work to others?

Without a doubt it's a big, interesting and versatile community.
But isn't it amazing to always see the same artists on the frontpage every single day concerning the fact that so many new deviations have been submitted?

We're all aware of that and believe that this has to change. It is already quite difficult for the "unknown" artists to promote their work and gain more attention.

Clearly, we do not intend to deny the skills of those great artists who enrich the community by sharing their magnificent work. But we do intend to enhance the platform in such a way that "unknown" artists might get a real chance to draw the public attention to their own pieces of work by promoting it on the front page of the community.

In our opinion we think it unjust to only have the chance to be represented on the front page if one has the luck of having many watchers.

We would like a better system which allows a deviation to be seen on the front page if, for example, it has 'only' reached about 40 favourites and about 200 views.

Take a look at the actual situation: You have uploaded an impressive piece or art that gets faved according to the number of your total views/watchers. Then, however, a more popular deviant uploads a more or less 'average' deviation and automatically reaches more than the double of your favourites/views in a mere moment.

A new structure of the frontpage could enhance the actual competition on dA, i.e. popular deviants wouldn't be able to best the "unknown" artists by posting a rather average deviation.

A reasonable alternative to present the "daily top favourites" on the front page would be a bigger amount of thumbs which would show the 40 best deviations of the day in a random order.

We think it's in everyone's interest to change the current situation and make dA a place where creating and sharing unique art plays a far bigger role than scrambling for new watchers.

If you agree, help us and yourself by copying and pasting this entry into your journal. Text file -->

The community


i would like to welcome a quite new deviant around here! :party:

she's kinda.. umm... somethin like a soul-mate to me,
tho somehow totally different from me..
my best friend here,
in the reality of every day.

please, see her gallery
cuz i would never doubt her talent,
so i promise it will be worth spendin some time with her pictures.

let me introduce you the beautiful

my dear new friends,
here on DA,

let me say thank you again and again
for all your amazing support and the :+fav:s,
that you gave me.

i hope i havent forgot anyone of you, in the replies
and if so, please, forgive me
but i was totally flooded and sat here in the nite to reply,
so its quite possible i could make mistakes.

some of you, gave me  a huge inspiration with your ideas
and advices on my photos and i am thankful for this also.
i am not a proof at all, and there is still so much to improve
and so far to go.
there are tons of ideas in my mind now,
so i am writin me notes, to not forget them.

unfortunatelly, for some time,
i cannot make new pictures cuz
i had to return the cam to my boyfriend's dad.
i cannot wait the day i will have mine, all mine, trust me.

please, be patient.


and now to you, who knew me for a while:

i am deeply thankful for all the advices
you gave me in the past,
for the all the honest words
you wrote.

for supportin me and givin me the feedback.


i :heart: you!

:iconadcaos::star::iconninazdesign::star::iconiamcyber::star::iconannikenhannevik: :star::iconofirk::star::iconzbezuknuta:

/and all of you, that had not seen a galleries of the above mentioned people, you should do somethin for yourself :pointr: and visit! :nod:
i got some new power now! :D

:pointr: i decided to try to work a little harder on my macro shots,
so in my gallery, you can see some of the results.
this time im quite satisfied, tho i know there is still so much to improve.

:pointr: to all of you, that are thinkin of the same, i can only recommend
the Floral Droplet  tutorial, made by my friend, the Norwegian fairy
:butterflytwo: :iconninazdesign: :butterflytwo:
there are some very useful notes, described in several steps and even if you already "know-how" to make a good shot, i still think there is a few things that you can make easier to yourself :nod:

see the link:…


i became a proud member of the
:community: :bulletred: :icontasteofliquid: :bulletred:
its a big honour to me and some kind of responsibility,
so i hope to deserve the membership and make some good stuff
to be added to the club's gallery. :boogie:

and guys! the :sun: is shinin outside! i hope the winter is finally gone and
wish you pleasant days, full of energy and ispiration.

dream aloud!

today i had a hard work here, on DA..

again, i moved some of my photos to scraps,
cuz they were like similar to others,
or not very well done, on my opinion...

but what more?
i re-edited some of my older photos,
so i hope you will like 'em anyways, or even more.

i submitted some new.

please, please, be so kind and lemme know
just what you think...

/honestly i need some support ;)

thanks to all of you, in advance

i recon myself
beein kinda stucked
in a moment of a weakness.
against my will, of course.

i am not good at writin any PF or so..
i also do not keep any New Year's resolutions,
i already know myself as well as i know it makes no sense to even think of it.
however, i cant stop myself from wonderin what to wish.
what to wish for me. my little selfish self.
when i started, i thought of course about the health for me an my family,
about some kind of a succes in whatever we do,
about bein happy together and keepin it.
no loses, no bad surprises, no trouble.
it took about an hour.
not that bad, hm? i was quite satisfied.

and when i finished, somethin strange started to knock on my mind. uninvited.
unstoppable whispers, faces, pictures and feelings were runnin wildly thru.
it made me smile and cry in the same time. it broke my heart again.
it made me fall and rise back. it made me fly away.
it was memories.
memories of what i have done
/and it was not always good/,
what i have heard
/and music is givin me a huge support and influence thru all my life/,
memories of those, whom i have met
/and what i have never told some of them/,
whom i have left
/and never said thanks or good bye/,
whom i have lost, not even havin a chance to say what i had in mind and heart.

and i still have it in there.

please, beware of not sayin what you feel.
lost opportunities and unspoken words,
cause heartache.
no matter how long has it been.

beware of keepin your dreams secret.
one day, you will recon yourself
stucked in a moment
of weekness.

like this.

my dad once told me i can dream aloud.
and make anybody to dream the same dream with me.
i must have lost this ability somehow.

so, this is all i wish for myself.
to dream aloud again.

maybe with some of you.


see MyFriends here:

:iconninazdesign: :iconannikenhannevik: :iconofirk: :iconadcaos: :iconlothar: :iconiamcyber: :iconzbezuknuta:
im stayin home with my :heart: and lovely darlin natali,
so i spend more time here, on DA also..

this way, im lettin you know a few things :]

1] i deleted some of my older deviations cuz - on my opinion - i moved forward a bit and some of them i simply dunt like now..
everybody starts somehow - and on the other hand, maybe i should kept them in my gallery to have it in front of my eyes, i realize that...
so, the emotional pieces and photos that - and probably always will - have feelin to me are still there...

2] i met a bunch of interesting people here, these days, and would like to say thanks and :bow: for the very appreciated feedback on my photos and for the support they are givin me with every single word they write to me... even if they are lettin me know the faults i do... im so so thankful to them :worship:

:iconadcaos: :iconninazdesign: :iconofirk: :iconannikenhannevik: :iconlothar: :iconzbezuknuta: :iconiamcyber:

and yah, special thanks to :iconninazdesign: for my :new: :iconkyreeseq: !
i love it!

at last, but not least: some time ago, i became a proud member of DA czech crew!


and in the very end, I wish all good to you, who read this,
carpe diem!

and i hope you havent forgot about me!

i didnt leave, i was just busy /havin a baby and stuff :)/.

well, now im back.. with a little different angle of the view but with the same opinion on what is beautiful...
so what? I shall write here somethin bout myself to be more devious? .....


well, I think religion is bad and drugs are good...
I think America causes cancer and longevity is less important than fun...
and young people should be discouraged from voting...
I think stereotypes are true..
absence is pervsion..
Bush's lies are worse than Clinton's ..
and there is nothing sexy about bein old or pregnant...
I think pornography stops rape,  I think aids ribbons are stupid and flag burnin makes me feel patriotic..
I think death is not the worst thing that could happen..
I think people have too much self-esteem and bein drunk is funny.
I think children are not innocent, God  doesn't write books and Jesus wasn't a republican.
I am for mad cow desease and against suing tobacco companies.
I think girls hate each other, no doesn't always mean no, you have to lie to stay married, women sports are boring and the olympics are gay.

and I am proud of it.....

/wouldnt you sign it also?/